Toy Poodle Puppies For Sale 2012

Well, here they are… Nikki’s puppies Born Oct. 03, 2012. Took me 4 hours to have decent photos to post and drained my digital cam down to almost nothing. They’re very hyper during their play time and have a veryyyyy good appetite. They’re colors are red. By the way, These are random photos of the puppies. We only have Red males available. I will post their video within this week please check our website from time to time.

If you’re interested in any of them just let us know. Don’t forget to read our purchase guidelines. Enjoy the photos. You may also follow Boudreaux Kennel on instagram at [click photo to enlarge]

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here's the last 15 photos on our Instagram page. follow @toy.poodles for random photos posted by us and #repost from the new furrents of Boudreaux puppies.

 #Repost from @heehoohum - Mochi #LikeABoss!  #ToyPoodle #boudreauxkennel  ok... my ceasar salad is served in a bowl just like Keira's    Before & After #MiniaturePoodle #BoudreauxKennel it's all about the right shears & #AndisProClip
 #Repost from @vanellephee  oh so adorable Trixie  #ToyPoodle #BoudreauxKennel    #Repost from @vanellephee - Trixie (Tink) and her bone #toypoodle #sorryfortheblur #BoudreauxKennel
 #Repost from @lo_young - Sunday morning with my babies ❤️ #Yogiburrr #LatePost #ToyPoodle #BoudreauxKennel  another #DreamDog  i know i know from foo foo poodles, rottweiler and now a #Doberman. If ONLY i have more time to spare   #snatched this photo from @heehoohum's dm  #Caption : Miyu (Pixie) is patiently watching Mochi while she is nesting like mama bird 🤗 Mochi just got #spayed few days ago  #toypoodle #boudreauxkennel #almostteacup
 finally had a chance to have a mini vacay with my family after this, i will do my best to update our site   tea anyone?   #Repost from @metrovegan - Do you like my handsome profile @toy.poodles?  #killianlove #boudreauxkennel #toypoodle
 hey guys, sorry for not posting updates and all. my schedule went bonkers as soon as the "ber" month hits. i know i have a LOT of reposting / posting to do.  I have received tons of tags and photo email updates. I will post them as soon as find time and i will❗️#promise  as for the email inquiries and to the families and individuals who submitted their details and have answered our questionnaires :  please be informed that all our poodles are on holiday, sipping piña coladas  and we are not expecting pupies anytime soon. but i am reviewing all your emails and ive already placed half of them on wait list. i just dont have the time to reply each and everyone.  to all #BoudreauxKennel extended family : thank you so much for the tags and the updates. i really appreciate it. it never fail to brighten my day no matter how stressful it is. Again, aplologies and thank you - Boudreaux Kennel / wonderwoman / supergirl (kidding)  what are you looking at up there Keira?  what do you see? #rottweiler #rottweilersofinstagram #obviouslyNOTaPoodle   Gus & Maia #BestFriends #BoudreauxKennel #PoodleLove