Tiny Toy Poodle Puppies 2014

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We are looking for a good loving home for these 2 adorable pure breed tiny toy poodle puppies. They are not teacups but their size will be close to it or 1/4 of the size of the standard toy sized poodle. This is our 2nd batch of tiny toy sized poodle. Our 1st batch was last June, 2011 and the owners were carefully selected.

They were born last Nov. 22, 2013. Caleb’s color is red and Devon’s color is apricot. They are both 100% healthy and already has 1 shot and 1 de-worming. Release date is tentative and will depend on our vet’s advise. As for temperament… the way we see it… they’re the same. It’s like when Caleb is sleeping, Devon is trying to wake him up and when Devon is sleeping Caleb will start biting his ears. They both know and have their own limits. They’re also Continue reading »

Who got who

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As of today Jan. 05, 2014 Bailey is already reserved to Jackie Chan and Bailey will be picked up and will be traveling on Feb. 25, 2014. As for Bryce, he was already picked up last Jan. 03 by Gigi and just got an update from her last night that Bryce was too playful and hyper running around the house up to 4:00am. Good thing that Gigi works late at night but eventually she was able to put him to bed. She will continue Bryce’s vaccine with our official vet. Dillian is reserved to Ms. Dee and Continue reading »

Guess Who Dropped By?!

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It’s Raelin now known as Britney!!! I was really so excited to see her. Ms. Dee and her family did a very great job raising her. She has a very good temperament but a bit clingy to Ms. Dee but that’s o.k. as long as Britney doesn’t reach to the point of being aggressive towards other people. It’s been years since i last saw Britney and she never barked at me. In fact, she gave me her cute little paws and Continue reading »