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2nd batch of litter for 2015

Hello everyone! Our 2nd batch and last litter of toy poodle puppies for the year 2015 is now open for reservation. 1 red male and 1 cream female named Killian ans Kaley. Born August 6, 2015. Normal delivery. Currently they have 2 de-wormings and 1 vaccine. Their 3d de-worming would be on Sept. 26 and their next inoculation would be on Oct. 02. Release date will be on Oct. 09, 2015. Continue reading →

1st Batch of the year 2015!

Here they are! our first batch of puppies this year. Jada and Jacob. Born : April 14, 2015 Jada is parti-color of apricot and cream and Jacod is a tuxedo apricot and cream. Jacob is toy size and Jada is tiny toy size.

Either of them are a perfect lifetime companion. They’re both sweet, playful and witty. They’re well-socialized with kids, cats and large breed. They play with out cat Dana and with our Rottweiler named Keira. Currently, they only have 1 vaccine and 2 wormings. They will be ready for release a week after their 2nd inoculation which is going to be the end of this month.

We are looking for a good loving home for Jada and Jacob and now accepting reservations. For Interested families & individuals, please read our Purchase Guidelines.

The Dog Spa Philippines? Not a Good Idea!

While browsing Facebook just few minutes ago… i stumbled upon a post by Ms. Karen Balce dated Jan. 09, 2015 shared by one of my Facebook friends. A post that got me completely worried and devastated :

“Yesterday, my mom took Tyler to the groomers for his weekly haircut and grooming in The Dog Spa & Hotel in BF Homes Paranaque, and little did we know that this would be the cause of his early death.” Read the full story on this link.

How can they let this happen?! Is the groomer not well trained? or The Dog Spa Philippines is just plain negligent? They even claim that they are “EXPERTS” when it comes to grooming and offers “EXPERT” grooming services. C’mon! based on Continue reading →

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